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Why Google Is the Number 1 Search Engine World Wide

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Why because simply put Google is the best search engine on the planet bar none. When Sergey Brin and Larry Page put Google on the drawing board these gentlemen had a vision and they new how to take Google from an idea in their minds to a more than just successful conclusion. It is a joy for Elvis Preston King to go Google surfing. Not to mention the Google search robots are always on the look out to post every word they can find about Elvis Preston King. Anything you want to know is just a click away from Google. From Pope John Paul to William Jefferson Clinton to Elvis Aaron Presley your searches are endless. People, places, time, history the future it’s all right there at your fingertips with Google.

Ok let’s go surfing first let’s click on Elvis Preston King. Wow did you read that? What else can we surf? Try Billionaire Playboy, first click in Elvis Preston King and the following titles and let’s see what you get. Let me warn you if you are a happily married man or gay DO NOT click on Google and Elvis Preston King!

How to Pick up Girls; How to Seduce Girls; Seduction Secrets; Attract and Seduce Hot Girls; The Secret to Picking up Foreign Women; The Advantages of Dating Foreign Women; Dating and Seduction Secrets; Seduce and Conquer; Pick up a Girl in Less Than Five Minutes; My Guys Get Their Girls; Learn How to be the Guy Women Lust For; Dating Advice; Pick up Lines That Work; The Players Rule Book; The New King; How to Skip Dinner and a Movie; Meet the World’s Top Playboy; The Pick up Guide For Geeks; Getting Laid Over 40; Where Young Girls are for the Older Man; Forget Picking up Girls Hire Elvis Preston King; When You’re Sick You Go to the Doctor When You’re Love Sick You go to Doctor Elvis Preston King; The Real Guru of Picking up Girls Elvis Preston King; Sex First Dinner and Movie Later; Girls Sex and Beach; How When Why and Where to Pick up Girls; Forget Dating Let’s get Laid; Elvis Lives and He’s Getting Laid; How to Approach Girls; The Pick up Expert Get Laid Now Not Tomorrow; Life is About Girls and Getting Laid; Secrets of Being Successful with Girls; Elvis’s Sidekick Always Gets Laid; Where to Pick up Girls; The Best Countries for Girls; Elvis the Pick up Artist and King; Why People Envy Elvis; Elvis’s Pick up Tips; The Two Minute Seduction; Seduction Made Easy; Straight to the Bedroom; How to Pick up Chicks Chicas; Only the Lonely; Picking up Girls in any Language; The Expert; Forget Everything You Ever Learned about Picking up Girls; How to Approach Girls…Let Elvis Do It for You You Point Elvis Picks up Your Girl;

Have fun searching the new pick up girl artists: Some of the new gurus of picking up girls are: In order of preference as picked by Thundercat. Number 1 Style, Number 2 Swinggcat, number 3 Zan, number 4 Maddash, number 5 Craig, number 6 Mystery, number 7 Tyler Durden, number 8 Primoman, number 9 Sickboy, number 10 Harmless and of course Thundercat himself.
Other gentlemen pick up artist whom I am aware are: Svidlar, Desperado, Money_Matteo, Waco M, Mine 99, Mimicker, Seth Parker, Topp Gunn, David Shade, Bad Boy, Toecutter, MTLPUA, David X, Chet, Adam, Masterclass, Rich H, Ross Jeffries, Papa, Alphamale, John Alanis, David DeAngelo and last but not least Elvis Preston King.

Other places to search for the King are Go Articles, IdeaMarketers, SimplySearch4it, and Articles Factory, as well as Sexoteric have a fine collection of your author Elvis Preston King’s work.

How about the latest work written by Elvis Preston King! Hello Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Elvis Preston King I have authored the following articles about how to pick up girls: The World’s Top Ladies Man, The World’s Top Seduction Expert, The World’s Top Pick-up Artist, Picture Yourself in a Magical Tropical Paradise, The World’s Top Playboy’s Services Goes To the Highest bidder, World’s Top Playboy Playoff challenge, The Richest Man on Earth, Future Articles on How to Pick up Girls, Billionaire Playboy, My life, Are You an Older man Miserable With Your Sex life, The lazy Man’s Way to Pick up Girls, Are You a Rich Shy Guy Who Can’t Pick up Girls, How Would You Like a Travel Buddy Who Knows How to Pick up Girls, Why Elvis Preston King, the New King Takes Cruise Vacations With His Dream Girls, Senior Playboy Club, What Do You Do on Valentines day When You have a 1000 Girlfriends, Are You a Dirty Old Man Looking For Dream Girls Galore, Would You like To Have a 1000 Girlfriends, The Senior Playboy Has More Young Beautiful Girlfriends Than any Man on the Planet, Bachelors Which Do you prefer Barely 18 or Over 40, Do You Love Girls, Dirty Old Men Get Their Dream Girls, and Momma’s Boys Make Better Lovers, The Uselessness of Wealth Without Women, How to pick Up girls by Eric Weber, The Top Places to Pick up Girls, Why Do Some Men’s Sex Drive Drop Off at 40, Get Lucky, Power and Success With Beautiful Women, What a Smart Man Would Do If He Won the Lottery, Are You a Looser Who Can’t Get Laid, A Playmate of Your Own, Happy birthday Hef—Hugh Hefner, Hugh Hefner’s Best Friend, Who Wouldn’t Envy the World’s Top Playboy, Mid-life Crisis Solution, Playboys Are Nice Guys Too and Last Call For the World’s Top Playboy Services.

You only have to remember one name to get the information you need and that name is Google. If you want to get the 18 year old playmate of your dreams you also need to remember only one name and that name is Elvis Preston King! Go Google go!

About the Author

Elvis Preston King is the world’s most renowned and respected playboy. His job is picking up and seducing classy young women globally for the gentleman conoseiur who realizes that there is more to life than just accumulating money and the same old same old boring wife. You can email him at dateplaymate@yahoo.com.au or visit bachelortours.blogspot.com/ and http:www.msnusers.com/BachelorDreamTours


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