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The price of spamming search engines

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One of the things I am constantly asked about is why doesn't
my content rich website get better placed in the search engines.
I am told that they have followed all the advice about content
rich pages, they have used good metatags, yet still cannot get
into the top 50 never mind the top 10.

Now having content rich web pages is a must do, you can't hope
to succeed on the Internet without them. It's absolutely useless
putting up web pages with nothing more than banner ads for your
affiliate programmes and expect to sell anything. Your prospective
customer has to trust you, and normally has to return several
times before they buy from you.

So if all they see is banner ads, they will just click through
and buy somewhere else. What you need to do is pre-sell your
affiliate merchandise, and leave the hard sell to the merchant
Picture this: a customer turns up to your page from that hard
earned search engine position, sees 20 banner ads for different
products and an attempt to take her money on the spot. You now
have one suspicious customer and their credit card clicking back
to the search engine for another link.

On the next link she finds an article fairly well written about
the particular subject she is looking for and in that article
are links to products that can solve the problem for her. Bingo
a customer who may buy, if she clicks onto that link she goes to
your affiliate merchant in a decent frame of mind where you're
affiliate merchant can do the hard sell and you have earned some

Notice I said fairly well written, because you don't have to be
a copy write genius to pre-sell your products. You don't even have
to write the whole thing yourself, there's nothing wrong with taking
a pre written report and changing it to suit your needs, obviously
it would be polite and politically expedient to include a mention
for the original author with his or her website URL. Other than
that the article can include all your links inside it.

There are many sites that include free reports with full reprint
rights that you can use, and indeed free e-books as well. On the
hotbobs site there are a number of free reports and e-books that
you can give away from your site.

Web sites come and go each day on the Internet. If you visit a web site
and find it to be a great resource, show your support for that web site
by giving them a link. In addition, tell your enzine subscribers about
them. By supporting your favourite web sites, you can show your
appreciation for all of the hours and hours of hard work that goes
into developing the web site and help ensure it will be there the
next time you visit. Without your support, many of your favourite
web sites may not be there in the future.
Now having got the arguments for content rich sites out of the
way its time to address the problem with search engine placement.
Nine times out of ten sites that have good content and should have
ranked higher, fail to reach their higher placement because of the
way they were submitted to the search engines in the first place.

Even with content, good metatags and keywords, you still have to
submit properly and that means not spamming the search engines,
perfectly good web sites have been penalised by the top ten engines
because they submitted to many pages at one go. You must keep a
record of how and when each search engine likes to be submitted
to and this is different for each one. If you have a 30 page or
more web site, this can be a nightmare, and so people tend to use
submission software, or services depending on there budget. The top
ten search engines will detect that it is a submission service and
rank you lower because of it also with submission software they can
detect any multiple submissions for a single website.

So what's the answer you ask:
Surprisingly its new stealth submission software by Michael Campbell
"search engine commando". This beautiful piece of software submits
to each engine with that engines logarithms in mind and at the frequency
best suited to each search engine. Even better than being undetectable
by the search engines it sits on your desktop and submits in the
background as you are doing other things (as long as you are connected
to the net of course). You don't even have to sit for hours typing in
your URL's it automatically spiders your website for all the pages and
gives you the option of deleting those pages you don't want spidered.
Ie: those that are password protected, or your thank you pages for

This software was originally commissioned by Michael for his own use,
but he has now made it available to the public and guess what you can
even use it to create a site map so the search engines can spider your
site much quicker.
Here are some of the benefits

* automates search engine submissions with the same care and attention
as if you were doing it manually
* amazing software plays "within" the search engine rules of one web page,
per URL, per day
* spiders folders on your hard drive to find html pages, no more manual
typing in URLs
* software runs on your PC, no third party service will know your
or who your clients are
* expert controls let you shut off the safety switch and take total control
over your domains
* tracks which page was submitted where, on what date, and what pages are
* tracks and submits unlimited pages, across unlimited web sites and does
it all automatically

With the advent of new even smarter spider software it is vital that you
keep up to date with the search engine submission rules or you will be
in those out of the way pages where nobody but you goes looking for your

To find out more about this software and lots of other time saving idea's
visit http://www.hotbobs.com While your there subscribe to our affiliate
know-how newsletter, and join are private marketing community.

About the Author

If you want automated search engine submissions with pinpoint manual
accuracy, then this software is exactly what you need.


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