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Search Engines- the World’s Yellow Pages

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Whatever your product is or your service offers, you
need to show it to the world in order to sell it.
We all need advertising and the more, the better.
But how to reach all those potential customers?

Conservative estimates indicate there are at least 70
Million(!!) Internet users online today and over
100.000 new websites being created each month.

Over 90% of all Internet users will use a Search
Engine to find the product or service they are looking
Once your website can be found in Search Engines, your
exposure is second to none.

And do you need to worry about getting into the top 10
with every Search Engine?
Not really; meta tag optimization is not costly and
can greatly improve your ranking.
As does linking and the use of well constructed
doorway pages.
Doorway pages are pages that have been developed to
rank highly for a specific keyword or phrase.
But the most important thing of all is: get listed!

Due to the amount of submissions that Search Engines
receive, it takes from 2 days to 3 months for your
site to show up,
depending on the Engine.
Paid Listings are an option for site owners who want
to build visibility quickly.
This form of search engine advertising means that you
can be guaranteed to appear in the top results for the
terms you are interested in, usually within days.

So you better start submitting today, it will be worth
it; by hand or done by a professional service for a small
fee; make sure YOUR web site is in the World’s Yellow

About the Author

Jan Hordijk, Marketing Consultant
AWSS Website Promotion and Submission


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