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Search Engines Without Hats

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That there is really no good argument that all forms of SEO are not manipulation to some degree. And since it is this manipulation that is the general argument against gray or black-hat seo techniques, it seems that all forms of seo can be viewed as unacceptable depending on whom you ask.

When does page text density become stuffing? when does use of variations of your keyword become irrelevant page text that is off topic from what the site is about?

The fact that this is completely opinionated leaves me to wonder how it is a program is left to determine the color of every page it encounters. It seems that human interaction is truly the intelligent approach to relevance, though it is clearly inefficient for such a fast growing Internet.

Common defenses seemed to be
Working together with the search engines to maintain its integrity and relevance. Keeping the most minimal seo and using on page arrangements that fit the terms of each engine keep results accurate by not clouding the job of the spiders and ranking systems.]

The major issue with this I see is competition and commerce will create constant stepping over the lines and we arrive back at the shades of gray issue.

Presents the view of search engines as the enemy and they it is their responsibility to adjust to the changes of the competing masses. I fond myself "closer" to this line of thinking. It is my belief that this relationship should be viewed as a shared responsibility. The search engines providing information about what they hold important and provide some solid consistency so as not to undermined our efforts as seo.

In return, and equally important is or sides view to keep important the lines which are to be crossed and the ones which are not. Referrer spam, redirects on irrelevant pages, and pages built for no other purpose but to clog the serps with affiliate advertising do not help this "give and take" survive.

I am not of the school that we owe the SE's anything, since they get far wealthier with the content of users pages, than we get with the content of their site. I do understand when optimization crosses into detrimental to all of our use of the engine. I do believe some joint efforts will benefit all of us for the longest stretch of time. It seems to me that longevity is the best goal for any webmaster.

Read and learn the obvious factors in that way web pro world is a good place to start on that front.

Submit your articles and remember that online word of mouth is written in text. Word of mouth is a huge effort in any marketing, and online the words of your mouth are typed.
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I say pick your team, but we all come out gray in the wash.

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Active On webproworld and SEO1.net, Mike Katz is three years full time online and enjoying the education of trial and error.

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