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Search Engines Secrets - Easy To Follow

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1) Before you start, you must find the right keywords. If you optimize your WebPages for the wrong keywords you will fail on your campaigns. Try to avoid the highly competitive keywords such as “Work from home”, for example. You can’t beat millions of competitive websites. There are two Great free tools for finding keywords: http://www.goodkeywords.com and overture suggestion tool: http://inventory.overture.com

2) The page optimization easy rules you must follow are these:

a) Put your keyword in your title tag, for example we will use the keyword “self improvement software” self improvement software

b) Put your keyword in the heading tag - self improvement software

c) Bold with tags the keyword inside your text.

3) Mention your primary keyword at the very top left and at the very bottom right hand side of the webpage. A trick you can use is to include this in the copyright information line at the bottom of the website. This would be a good example: http://www.selfimprovement.com - A self improvement software.

4) Use the image tag with your keyword. Be careful. Do NOT fill the tag with many keywords. It will be considered as spamming and search engines will ban your site.

5) List your site in Google in 24 hours. Yes, you can do that by many ways actually. There is no need for waiting 6 weeks in order for your site to be indexed. You can do it in 24 hours by:

a) Purchasing links with big page rank from other websites like: http://www.textlinkbrokers.com (paid solution)

b) Creating your own Blog for Free to http://www.blogger.com and Google will crawl your site in 24-48 hours max.

6) Next step is to search for the Top 1 site on search engines for your keyword. Study your competition and check what they are doing right. First check the tags and optimization rules they follow and then check the websites that are linked with it. You can do it by going to Google and typing in the search box: link:http://www.competitorsite.com. In this way, you will find the website’s link partners and you can contact them and trade links, especially those with high page ranks.

7) Avoid the spamming techniques like hidden text (having same color text with page background and human eye can’t see it), too many keywords in your title tags, description tags and keyword tags. They will not help you in your ranking, plus your site is in danger of being banned from search engines.

8) Link your website’s pages together. Don’t have them just standing in your web server. Search engine robots follow links and if your pages are connected, they will crawl the whole website and index all your web pages.

9) You can follow these procedures manually with no cost at all. It will take you more time though. If you want to automate all your search engine campaigns then an excellent tool for that is http://www.seoelite.com

About The Author

Christos Varsamis is a Business writer, creator and owner of the http://www.settinglifegoals.com


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