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Search Engine Wars - Quality Searches Vs Quantity!

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Search Engine Wars - Quality Searches Vs Quantity! By: Martin Lemieux

It is no secret that Google and Yahoo are on a continuous battle to win our hearts and get everyone to convert, but is converting someone really a matter of the quantity or the quality?

Let's take a look at some top key searches and compare them with some search engines online. I will outline a few things for each search result:

1) Search Engine 2) Number of results found 3) Quality & content of the top 10 sites 4) What you find going beyond the first 10 pages

Each section will get ranked out of 10 points for quality (information taken on August 26,2005).

= Starting with my all-time favorite search term:
About the Author

About The Author:

Martin Lemieux is the president of the Smartads Advertising Network. Smartads is dedicated to helping you expose your business online and offline.

International: http://www.smartads.info Article Submission Website (Beta): http://www.article99.com

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