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Search Engine Traffic Myths, Time Wasters, and Pitfalls

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Everyone wants to increase their rankings with the search engines and because of this there is a ton of information available on how to go about it. Unfortunately, while some of this information is real, there is just as much or more information that is outdated, wrong, and a complete waste of time, money and energy on your part. So, you can read the following and learn about a few of the myths and pitfalls people believe about search engines and in the future you can continue to educate yourself from reputable sites that provide accurate and truthful information.

Myth #1 - Permanent Position

It takes a lot of effort to get a top ranking with the big search engines, but for some reason people believe once they reach this level of success it is permanent, almost like a prize they have earned. However, if you want to keep your prize, or top search placement, you will have no time to celebrate because your site can be bumped from the top list in minutes, hours, or it could be days or weeks. If you do not maintain your website and work on optimizing it every day and making it better, you will be eventually knocked off the list.

Myth #2 - All Search Engines

Another funny myth and pitfall many newcomers to the web fall into is that you must get your website submitted to all of the existing search engines in order to optimize your traffic and get more sales. However, the amount of time and effort you would need to put into this will more than likely outweigh its benefits. You want to make sure your page is indexed in Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other similar large and popular search engines. This is where most of your traffic will come from and where you want to be.

Myth #3 - High Rankings are Easy

Getting a high ranking is not easy, it is actually very hard. People want you to think it is easy to get a top ranking, but in actuality it requires a lot of effort, time, money, and dedication to get a top search engine ranking and maintain it. This is because all of the search engines are looking for something different, websites are changing on a daily basis with new sites, new information, and the like. SO, as you can see, all this change makes it difficult and unpredictable to get a high ranking and maintain it without a lot of concerted effort.

There are many pitfalls and myths that are associated with search engines and increasing your traffic. What you need to keep in mind is nothing is automatic or easy. This is a business and it will require you to put forth the effort and time your website needs if you want to be number one or at least among the best.

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