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Search Engine Optimization --- An Overview
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Search Engine Optimization Strategy: Website Design Techniques for Search Engine Ranking Improvement

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It is a must for you all to know, how do search engines work. Search engines are not human and they don’t scan the pages as we do. They are just robots, which work on the codes and mechanism implied upon them. If you have a small business website and are trying to close sales on a single visit from a customer, it is advisable that you don’t make a rich media enhancements like flash animation and excessive graphics, which result in slow page loading time and makes people run away. Established players or business, which are concerned on spreading awareness about their business rather that selling a single standoff product usually uses high media enhancements.

Proper website design is the key to a higher search engine ranking. Before you begin to construct your website, take the time and consider the design elements those are essential to both the viewer and the search engines. This will also contribute in determining the ranking of your website. Design your web site so that every page contains “title”, “description”, and “keyword” meta-tags. These tags are the basic road map for the search engines. When a search engine enters your web site these tags prepare the spider for what to look for on your web page. They prompt the search engine for what words you feel are important and to use them in the ranking process.

The layout of your web site becomes significant to higher search engine ranking. Placement of text in the optimal positions on your website becomes paramount, so if the search engine ignores the meta-tags – which many are starting to do because of abuse and spamming – then text placement will become the first impression that search engine robots would read.

Spiders of the search engines crawl on the web page and index your website. You have to be very clear about your requirements. Keep all your content optimized for all the major search engines. Though all have almost a similar mechanism, you can even learn about how all search engines work, and then design your web content in accordance. For example, Google has a specific set of rules, which it uses to index web pages. It can be learnt from Google itself and you can put your content with the specified guidelines. This is a time consuming process but as you know: "No Frill Without Drill". You can also hire specific companies that can optimize your website to specific search engines.

Viola! You have achieved your dream of learning some key aspects of Internet marketing.

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Scott F. Geld is the Marketing Director of MarketingBlaster.com, a company providing targeted traffic and leads: http://www.MarketingBlaster.com


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