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SEO = Search Engine Optimization, tips on successful page ranking

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We at www.invision-graphics.com
get asked this question allot, how do I improve my page rank in www.Google.com
and how do I get spider bots to crawl my web-site?

One of the key things to remember when developing your web-site presence is to
always evaluate your competition. See whatís working for them; how they market
their products and services, and even evaluate their KEYWORD and DISCRIPTION

The key points of using these two Meta Tags, is optimization!

Evaluate your Keywords: look at your web-site and evaluate it services
and products, be sure to do a search in
† to help you pick the keywords that your potential
clients may be looking for.

The next thing is to evaluate your site content to see just how often youíre
using these keywords, the biggest mistake that web-masters make is creating
their Meta Tag Description and Keywords and not including them in their content

To get the best results, is to ensure that you use as many of your keywords and
discretion tags throughout your entire site.

The next thing is your products or images, be sure to include some of those
keywords in your ĒĒincrease more frequent visits from spider bots.

Google, Yahoo, and Msn all use the following tags:

Be sure to include these in your Meta Tag, as it tells spider bots to search
links to other pages on your site, increasing your chance of getting better
indexed in the search engines.

The next key point is to also ensure you have created page titles for each
section of your site, this is another mistake most make and they usually brand
each page with their site name, the mistake is that, when your potential client
types in to Google for a specific item or product you lesson your chances on
being pulled up.

Name each section of your site using the Keywords you developed for your
web-site, this ensuring higher page ranking in Google, and you not being found
within the first returned results but ending up on page 15 etc.

Google looks also for inbound links, these being partner web-sites that have
agreed to become a link partner or affiliate of your site.

Also update your content regularly, Google loves content, content, content, the
more rich content you provide using your keywords the better you page rankings
will be. The best method we found is to update your pages 2 to 3 times a week,
for example Monday, Wednesday and again Sunday.

Thus ensuring the Google spider-bot will return regularly as so will your
potential clients, as visitors are most likely to visit a web-site that is
updated with new and interesting topics or items.

Now use Google, and do a search for your competition, within the first page
results returned looked for potential link partners, which offer the same
resources or products as you.

Contact the administrator or web-master simply asking them to link exchange with
you. Most sites already offer a link exchange program or an affiliate program.
These are perfect ways to create inbound links to your site that have already
established Google page rank.

List your site in Link Directories that offer a specific category for your
services, these are also excellent ways to create inbound links as the more
inbound links you have generated to your web-site the higher the page rank in

The key points to getting your site noticed is to optimize the keywords and use
them threw out your site. Get quality link partners that have the same services
or products you offer. The reason for this is if you link to a Tupper ware site
and you offer fine wine, it isnít going to do you much good as there is no
common denominator. List your sites in Link Directories that offer a specific
category that best fits your site content and services.

About the Author

About the Author:

Shawn DesRochers is the CEO and Founder of Invision-Graphics Design Firm, They offer articles and tips on Search engine Optimization and support forums,
were they help many members and visitors increase their page rankings in many of the popular search engines.

For more advice and free articles be sure to visit



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