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One of many factor to Search Engine Optimization success

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Content management is one of the many factor that influence your search engine result page. Every time spiders visit your site, they not only look at your coding, they also index your content.

How well did you write it ?
What is your site all about ?
How relevant your content is to your keywords ?
Is there any spelling mistake ?

They know everything needed to give an appropriate rating for your keywords. So, when creating a content, make sure you :

1.) include your key phrases but not too much. 1 or 2 will be enough
2.) Always check your spelling

Since your content is not only read by spiders but also visitors, now we will discuss about writing content for visitors.

To write a good content that will make your visitors back need understanding. You must know :

1.) Your audience - Just like a football game. If you know who you dealing with, it will make you easier to develop strategies.
2.) Audience's gender - Well, as you know, human with different gender have different topics to talk about in their daily life. So create something that suit your audience.
3.) Age of your readers - So, being a good author , you have to be like a mother who understand what type of food does her baby likes, feeding different types of foods as the baby grows. You have to understand all this very clearly.

By understanding all this, you will be able to create some interesting content for your visitors. If you do not know how to collect this information, you can simply place a newsletter subscribers on your site or some guestbook might also help.

Now you create the content. Make sure your content is relevant to your visitor's lifestyles. You don't create a content like "how to kick penalty correctly" for 75 years old readers, do you ? Or something like "How to enjoy your retirement" for 7 years old kids who should be reading comics or watching Disney Movies.

Do some brainstorm, think what kind of content that is relevant to your site, try to create something that make your visitors coming back. Some helpful tips here you can use.

1.) Avoid seldom used words - Don't use words like RHODODENDRON , IDIOSYNCRASY. This type of high level words will drive most of your visitors away. Remember, you are not trying to impress them by your writing skill, you are trying to communicate.
2.) Simple and short - Make your article simple but yet useful.
3.) Truth - Don't give something that does not base on fact.

Hopefully it will be useful.

About the Author

David Ausman is the new owner of freehostingcompany.com who has the vision of helping newbies to learn how to create a quality site


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