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Making pages attractive to both visitors and search engines!

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We all put keywords in the title and then the meta tags, but
we often forget or skip the next most important place, in a
headline tags . We know that they are important
but we try to design attractive pages and use nice graphics
that look better and can't work in a good way to use big
headlines reasonably.

Well, I'll let you in on a valuable secret. Big headlines
don't actually have to be as big as you might think. There
are two parts to this trick. The first is to shrink the
size of your big headline by using the font tags inside the
headline. Don't shrink the entire headline, but put one
character (I've been using a period) between the and
the and I also only shrink it to 2 instead of 1. That
makes it harder for a clever search engine to catch, since I
suspect that they may penalize or ignore size 1words.

The code looks like this

.Keywords, Keywords.

You can see how it fits in and looks good on a page at
http://www.TollFreeNumbers.com?heading It makes a
really nice caption or tag line to a graphic like this and
looks important to a search engine. I recommend using as
much of the same things you put in your title and meta tags
as possible.

You can take this trick one step further by combining it
with another clever trick. The should be the first
words on the page, so put them as high up in your code as
possible. And if you have more than one screen height in
content on a page you can hide the headline even further, by
pushing it off the top of the visitors screen.

On a typical site you probably have several subpages. But
there's nothing that says these pages have to start at the
very top of the page. If you put a bookmark or name tag
right after the headline (call it "TOP" so it sounds
harmless and appropriate) and then add "#top" after page.htm
in all your internal links and navigation. This will move
the headlines off the top of the screen on all subsequent
pages in the site. Some browsers seem to treat this a
little different at times and it's still visible if they
scroll up, but it still looks alright.

See http://www.cheapest800.com?heading for an excellent
example of this on all the internal subpages.

Exciting design doesn't always look as attractive to search
engines. So this lets you give the search engines what they
want, a clear understanding of what your page is about, and
still make your pages attractive to the visitors. Now, by
making the title, meta tags, headlines, alt tags, page text
and even a few comments and directory names thrown in for
good measure, all focus on this unique line you'll rank as
high as possible for your chosen phrase. Now you can have
your design and your search success at the same time!

About the Author

Bill Quimby is the original Telenumeric Consultant!
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-> Finding matching domain name and 800 number combinations
-> Referral commissions for Ad agencies & website designers
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