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Making Money with the top Search Engines

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With so many internet and home business opportunities on the world wide web nowadays it is very confusing as to know which ones are scams and which are not.

However, even though I am sure that most of the money making schemes advertised have their merits, it would give the entrepreneur great peace of mind to know that he was building an internet business in conjunction with a credible and high profile corporate.

Credibility is a vital component of doing business on the Internet and I am sure that you would agree that credibility would give any “Internet Business Opportunity” the ability to convince you that it was all above board and a genuinely sound opportunity.

Well there are such opportunities and you do not even have to have a website to capitalize on them and to build a successful online business.

This is how it works…

Some of the top search engines have pay per click programs that essentially show small text advertisements to the right of their many search engine results (and in other places for that matter – for instance Google shows them on websites whose publishers have signed up to display them).

These advertisements have been paid for by advertisers who are participating in the respective search engine’s pay per click program and are displayed and ranked according to the keywords they have selected and how much they have been willing to bid for them.

Now for the important part…

The power of this marketing strategy is such that with a well driven pay per click campaign, huge amounts of traffic can be driven to a particular site almost immediately.

For those of you who know, many sites have huge hours invested in them to improve their search engine rankings and to generate traffic and after years (in most cases) don't come close to the amount of traffic that a Google Adwords campaign, for example, can generate overnight.

This type of campaign can have your text ads displayed in both the search engine results pages as well as one appropriate websites all over the internet. Therefore the reach of your advertising would be immense.

This means that you can set up a Google Adwords campaign and drive traffic to your affiliates’ sites (with your affiliate id in the url of course) and receive the commissions for all the sales that have been generated by the traffic driven through your adwords.

This all sounds great, but what's in it for you if you don't even have a website?

Well, if you are affiliated to a site/s or company where you earn commission on sales, your commissions will skyrocket with an Adwords campaign aimed at your affiliates’ sites.

One word of caution…

You could waste your money and become disillusioned by embarking blindly on your pay per click campaign.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to read up on how to maximize your earnings & not to spend money unwisely and research carefully as to how much to bid on specific keywords and what keywords would work best for you. The author, Mark Bellinger is an Internet Entrepreneur and creator of the following sites; Internet Income: http://www.income.za.net Internet Business: http://www.internetbusiness.co.za


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