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Keepoint 7 Pro, Web Research Software, Go Beyond Search Engine

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Saora Inc., an information management products and services company, announced the release of new version of its web information management software, Keepoint line of products, the Keepoint 7 Series. The new series, which consists of products Keepoint 7 and Keepoint 7 Pro, is designed to meet the web information management needs of all internet users, home as well as professional, students and researchers within academic and corporate environments.

Keepoint 7 Pro, which is the flagship product of the Keepoint family, is the completely revised version of Keepoint 1.0. It is designed for professionals to gather and collaborate on HTML/XML based information whether it is from the internet or intranet. With Keepoint 7 Pro, one can not only save the web contents with a single mouse click, but also assign keywords and other contextual indices to them (KeepAs), annotate/highlight text on them, send the annotated pages by email, export them to the desktop/external device or extract and save only the necessary information from a web page (selected area, images only, links only etc.).

With Keepoint, there is no need to specify filenames or folder destinations. Keepoint automatically sorts and organizes the web research results, which are easily accessible in time and content sorted order or for search by various indices. By introducing the innovative concept of Kee-Tools, whereby users can define their own save procedures and access them with a single click, the Keepoint 7 Series is expected to take the web information management tools, to a new class, web research engines, which take us beyond the search engines and make the web a truly useful tool that it was envisioned to be. Keepoint 7 Pro is available as a softcopy for $79.95 and as a package for $99.95 from www.keepoint.com.

Keepoint 7 is the base product of this Series and has all the features of Keepoint 7 Pro for saving up to 99 pages. It is designed to adequately meet the non-professional web information gathering needs and is available to all internet users FREE of charge (available for download from www.keepoint.com/download.asp). Keepoint 7 can be expanded to unlimited pages by purchasing a license for Keepoint 7 Pro.

The Keepoint 7 Pro version is available upon request to reviewers and/or other entities. For more information visit www.keepoint.com, www.saora.com, or contact Saora Inc. at 408-973-7840 or by email at sales@saora.com.

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