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Tips for Making Your Pages Search Engine Friendly
Your web site may look beautiful to your eyes, but what about to the "eyes" of a search engine? If you can understand how a search engine "sees" your site, than you can design the site or make the necessary changes so that your site will get a...
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Top 5 Search Engine Optimization Mistakes
There are a lot of ways to promote your website and, unfortunately, a lot of these methods are mistakes. Here is a list of some of the more common mistakes (often referred to as Black Hat SEO) that you should steer well clear of. 1. Bad...
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Search Engine Friendly Free Content
As you add content to your site wouldn’t it be nice if it: * Was highly relevant to your content? * Was written for you so you could be doing other things? * The type content that the Search Engines would rank high? * Content that was constantly...
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