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Search Engines and Open Source, Primed to Take-Over Online Recruitment Game
Not too long ago, job boards like Monster, CareerBuilder and HotJobs were primed to put newspapers out of business. Surprisingly, now it seems that search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo! are set to dethrone both newspapers and job sites. As...
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If youíre looking for a quick search engine fix then you can stop looking now!

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Because there isn't one. Now this may sound a little glib and I suppose it is, however, since you're reading this then it did everything it's supposed to. And that's to interest you enough to start reading the article.

Now back to the point. Almost every week there's a new article or theory that gets passed around the internet with the next miracle cure for your poor search engine results. And you shouldn't believe any of them.

Think about it, is there one single change you can make to your product or service that will suddenly triple or even quadruple your revenue? The answer is no, and the reason is that your potential clients are more sophisticated than that. And the same of course goes for the search engines.

To get page one rankings within the major search engines for the types of terms users actually search for is not cheap or easy. It is going to take an awful lot of time, money and effort. And this is the main point, most businesses will never see an adequate return.

Think about it. Most businesses would benefit from a massive advertising campaign in relevant magazines with an integrated web, direct mail and sales campaign. However, itís just not practical even though you would get the results. The web is no different.

This does not mean that you should give up all hope and pack the web in. It just means you have to keep things in proportion. Spend some time making sure that your web pages are search engine friendly, but spend more time on the content.

No matter what you do if you don't have content the search engines are never going to bring you any serious traffic. More importantly good quality content will help you sell your services and products better and will improve the image you portray to potential clients (a sweeping statement but Iím sure you take the point).

There are also a number of other methods of marketing your organisation on the web such as email, pay-per-click and much more. But as always, keep things in proportion to the expected return, otherwise you may find that at best you get the visits but not the profits!

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About Edward Hasting-Evans
Edward Hasting-Evans provides expert, result driven freelance marketing & design services to small and medium sized businesses. To find out more about his freelance business, please visit the Apple Marketing website www.applemarketing.co.uk
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