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Meta Tags- What Are They and Which Search Engines Use Them?
Defining Meta Tags is much easier than explaining how they are used, and by which engines. The reason is very few engines clearly lay out what they do and do not look at, and how much emphasis they put on any one factor. So, we’ll start with the...
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Fix Your OffPage!
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is something you should be aware of before creating a site. Make sure you've done careful researches on the best keywords to use. Using the wrong keywords would eliminate your site from search engines forever! ...
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Make The Search Engines Love Your Site
Most webmasters have no idea on how to make a search engine friendly web site. If you are one of them this will all change by following these steps below. 1. Research keywords - Before you start to build your web site you should research your...
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When Search Engine Marketing and Trademarks Collide
In the world of marketing, branding issues are always an important part of any campaign. Companies work hard for their name to be recognized as a quality organization and a leader in their field. Companies will defend any action they see as a...
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LSI And Search Engines
Now, what do we gain through the use of this LSI technology? To answer briefly, we can say that with LSI, search engines took a step forward to give us an ideal search result. Now you would ask - what is an ideal search result? Then, answer this!...
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