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Optimizing Pages with JavaScript and Style Sheets for Search Engines
Background Search Engines use a number of criteria to decide what a given web page is all about. These criteria, which can be different from Search Engine to Search Engine, and which may even change over time, all aim at deciding how "relevant" a...
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Now More Than Ever...You Need To Optimize Your Site for Search Engines
As the economy begins to recover in certain parts of the world, more and more online marketers are looking for affordable ways to drive qualified traffic to their sites. Thatís why, now more than ever, you need to optimize your site for the...
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Search engines-To pay or not no pay?
While the Web is still a great place for free advertising and promotion, there are some times that you simply have to put out... money, that is.I hear a lot of whining about how the Internet is meant to be FREE. Why should we have to pay to be...
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The Search Engine Optimization Game Is Getting Tricky
For more than 4 years now I have been modifying my work from home based web sites trying to optimize for the major search engines, Especially Goggle. Today with much disappointment I have come to the realization that search engine traffic alone...
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Search Engines for the Complete Newbie
Okay, you've got your website on the Internet. Now what? Just because it's there doesn't mean anyone is going to see it. To get your site seen, you need to get it listed in the Search Engines. A Search Engine is the first place someone on the...
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